Refer a small or
mid-sized business and get


Team up with Innovation Refunds, and get paid for every referred claim submission you make.


Refer a small or
mid-sized business and get


Team up with Innovation Refunds, and get paid for every referred claim submission you make.

Refer a business and get paid

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 How it works

Businesses trust Innovation Refunds

We use bank-level 256-bit encryption to protect and secure your information. And unlike others, we fully stand behind our work by charging no upfront fees and include protections from the unlikely event of an audit by fully defending our tax work.



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 Why do I need a refund specialist?

There are over 70,000 pages of tax code; it’s impossible to be an expert on all of them. ERC is all we do. It’s like the difference between your family doctor and a neurologist. By concentrating on this one program, our strategic partners understand the intricacies and nuances involved in determining your eligibility and accurately calculating your refunds.

 Can I earn more cash while awaiting my refund?

Refer your friends to us and you can earn even more money for every successfully qualified application.

 But I have been told my business does not qualify

Our customers have recovered over $2 billion dollars in refunds for qualified businesses—sometimes for companies that were previously told they did not qualify. It won’t cost you a penny to see how much your company may recover.

 How is the refund calculated

Determining the proper amount of a refund is a complex accounting process. Although these are payroll tax credits, what you’ve paid in payroll tax has no bearing on your ERC calculations. The refunds are based on many factors including qualifying quarters, number of employees, hours worked, wages paid and if applicable, PPP loans, group health premiums and participation in other government programs to name a few.

 How long does it take to get my refund

As of 2022, IRS processing times for receiving your business’s refund check from the US Treasury is on average 4.5 months.

 What is your fee and when do we pay it?

There are no up-front fees or obligations to receive your refund analysis. Once engaged in recovering your business’ refunds, our fee is 25%, with no hidden costs. You will never come out of pocket to pay our fee. We’re paid only as your business receives its refund check. Our fee includes the preparation of your claims by a professional CPA or tax attorney who is experienced in qualifying, substantiating, calculating, and claiming ERC refunds.

 What is your fee and when do we pay it?

Absolutely! Both Essential and Non-essential businesses alike can qualify, and a decline in revenue is not required. Many of our clients even had increases in sales, but still experienced disruptions or were negatively impacted.


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